Rruka Hasu Teh Alchemist/Leader FINISHED

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Rruka Hasu Teh Alchemist/Leader FINISHED

Post by Sorazorachii on Wed Mar 10, 2010 8:51 pm

Name: Rruka Hasu

Age: 13 years (daaaaang, that's young XD)

Gender: Female

Rank: Human, also the extremely young leader of Lior.

Appearance: Only wearing a black dress with pants underneith most of the time with a katana at her side.

Personality: Rruka has a different way of serveying the world than others. One could say that she has a different perspective, and not because of her height. (I'm copying you people .__.) Rruka can sometimes act like a kid younger than her actual age, which leads some people to question her leadership, and she often does. In battle, she can be extremely serious, or not serious at all and taunt her enimies. When she is confronted by a stranger, Rruka looks them over carefully and coldly. To those who do not know her, she may seem like a cold thirteen-year-old, but to those that do laugh at the people who see her that way. She often uses this strange light voice that makes her appear to be in a trance, and she often talks to herself when trying to figure something out. So, why choose this extremely young girl as a leader? Well...
Rruka, not always serious, is almost always technical. She uses big words without even thinking. Sometimes she even acts like a machine. Rruka was chosen because her leadership skills that came from her great grandmother, wait for it, Rose, and her extensive knowledge of Alchemy. Rruka had never been religious. Even as a younger child, she had once heard someone say,"I do not like my god-given name." Rruka had replied,"God didn't give you your name, your parents did."
Rruka is the one who made nearly all of Lior believe that there was no god, and that they had to face the facts, and that that they have to work together to survive and flourish. Rruka also had an odd fascination with swords.

History: Rruka was always a strange little child. She never believed in Leto, the sun god, and always saw the world in a scientific way, never spiritual. Rruka's parents had been with her until age thirteen, when her father decided to take her red-haired mother on a journey to teach her more of the real world, leaving Rruka in charge. She had never had any siblings. Rruka had learned Alchemy and sword fighting from her father, and enjoyed using it when also using a sword. She also had been a natural at using Alchemy and learned quite quickly. Many fear the "Short one With the Sword" because of her skills with her katana that is always by her side.

Other: Red Hair + Black hair = Blue hair? o.O

Face Claim: Konata Izumi- Lucky Star (XD)

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Re: Rruka Hasu Teh Alchemist/Leader FINISHED

Post by Wrath on Fri Mar 12, 2010 12:12 pm


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