The Silent Alchemist

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The Silent Alchemist

Post by Wrath on Wed Mar 10, 2010 7:42 pm

Name:Cheryl Elric Hyasha
Alias:Cherry, Silent Alchemist



Rank:State Alchemist


(Wears that outfit normally. Hardly ever wears her military uniform.)

Personality:Cheryl is a rather quiet girl, but by no means shy. In fact, she describes herself as out-going. Though sometimes coming off arrogant and distant, she is open and friendly to all she meets, even enemies, which her colleagues cannot fathom. In truth, she tricks opponents into underestimating her and attacks using either alchemy or her impressive speed. Her military-given name is the Silent Alchemist;the name being given to her because of her seeming "shy" and for her ability to move cat-like, with hardly any sound. The truth is she just expertly balances her weight in her body and has grown quite accustomed to it, doing it without realizing it sometimes. When asked why she is so quiet, she simply replies, "I'm thinking."

Her alchemy consists mostly of manifesting weapons, lances, knives, ect. But she does use alchemy for creating the traditional columns and pillars out of earth that is the main style of alchemy. Her research interests include something she calls "Elemental Alchemy"; for instance, an alchemy her brother created, known as Lightning Alchemy, is used by changing the air pressure and the humidity in an area to create an electric charge. In a battle, she uses her agility and speed to confuse an opponent before incapacitating them with alchemy. Due to her small size, she is not very strong, but with multiple blows and good aim, she could knock out an enemy without alchemy. Though, in the case of her getting angry, it's best not to let her get a hold of you;she'll clobber you with the extra strength gained from her rage-fueled adrenaline rush.

Cheryl doesn't really care how she looks, mainly wearing a brown-splotched dress that comes down to her knees and some tennis shoes with thick soles to add to her small height, or a pink tee-shirt and jeans. She dislikes wearing her military uniform, thinking it too stiff for her.

She is very loyal to friends and loved ones, though she can sometimes come across as annoying or arrogant in their presence. This stems from the fact that her older brother raised her in place of her parents, who were killed in an accident when she was a baby. Though appearing happy and bubbly on the outside, she is still grieving for her lost brother, and can break down if she thinks about him. Though she never does this in public so as to not worry her friends. One noticeable trait is her complete focus to whatever she is doing at the moment and ability to figure things out quickly.

History:Cheryl was born in Dublith to a poor family of three, her mother, father, and older brother by seven years. Right from the start, her life was one of hardship, her parents having to work constantly to make enough to feed them. But she grew up with loving arms and never complained. When she was only two years old, her parents died in a car crash, leaving her nine-year-old brother to take care of her with the help of her aunt.

She and her brother, named Alex, grew very close, to the point that it seemed they were twins, one never seen without the company of the other. Alex grew to be more mature than his little sister, and joked with her about her size. Now see, her brother was a genius with alchemy, and became a state alchemist at fourteen years of age under the name of the Lightning Alchemist due to his unique form of alchemy. Cheryl longed to join him, so she read all about alchemy from the books in her parent's study. Finally, after six years of training, she joined him under the alias the Silent Alchemist.

However, two months after earning her state certification, Alex died in battle trying to protect her. This experience left her scarred emotionally, and she still hasn't stopped grieving. This left her with a hardened resolve to protect those close to her at any cost, as this is what her brother would have done. She left Dublith to travel and become stronger to do this more effectively.

Other:Grand daughter of Edward Elric, so never call her short.

Face Claim:Risa from D.N.Angel

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Re: The Silent Alchemist

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