Nai Uta - the shy little neko - finished

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Nai Uta - the shy little neko - finished

Post by Kyuuuuuuuuuu on Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:00 am

Nai Uta - The Animal Song Alchemist (Keh, fail)

Fourteen Years, though he looks around ten. :3

Male, though he is often mistaken for a girl. He does look good in a dress. x3

Neko, State Alchemist


- Very shy
-- Timid
--- Trust issues (blame the shotacons)
---- Loves any type of sweets (he seems to have a second stomach for those)
----- If he finds someone he can trust, he will be a bit clingy when s/he is around
------ Seems to be afraid of his own shadow
------- Once he can open up to you, he's very caring, sweet, and... Kitten-like
-------- Loves to sing

Nai's history is a bit of a mystery. No one knows who his parents are, where he is from, and why he is a neko. He just showed up one day on the doorstep of an orphanage in Central City. He was only a few months old, so he was wrapped up in a soft blanket and was just put there. A small note was attached to his blanket with two words: Nai Uta. Nai was taken into the orphanage, and he was constantly bullied by the other children when he was able to interact with them. He was mainly bullied because of his tail and ears, but they also started bullying him on how he looked so much like a girl. The bullying started to get so bad that the lady who ran the orphanage soon had to move him into a room where he would be safe. However, in that room, there were alchemy books everywhere. Nai started to read through each and every one of them, somehow understanding it all at his young age. At the age of seven, Nai was digging through a pile of books. There, he found a couple of song books. He started to study that, and he soon started to sing each and every day, even as he practiced alchemy. His emotions seemed to be expressed more and more when he sang. The children at the orphanage would often crowd around his door as when he sang, but Nai didn't take any notice in it. At the age of ten, Nai finally transemuted a passage to the outside world. His first few steps outside and into the light made him feel very insecure. He wandered around Central City, his ears flat against his head, trying to ignore the stares he was getting. That was when he met his first group of shotacons. It was a small group, mainly consisting of men who were in their thirties, some of them drunk. They tried to force themselves onto him, but he was able to escape before anything could happen. It took him an hour, but he was able to find his way back into the safety of the orphanage. He hid the opening of the passage with a bookshelf. He had ventured outside more and more since then, but it always ended up with him running back after being chaced by shotacons or the random dog on the street. When he was just about to turn fourteen, he decided to venture out once more. He found his way to a large building, and some of the men there were talking about the try-outs that were being held for new State Alchemist. Nai signed up for it, but the men there said that he'd never be able to make it. He didn't care. Nai passed through the written test easily. Reading all of those alchemy books a billion times seemed to have helped. When it came to the feild test, he also, amazingly, passed it. Now, he is officially fourteen, and he is a State Alchemist... A shy one, but he's still good at what he does.

Other: Yush. He is a neko, homosexual (jeez, you'd think that he'd be scared of guys from his experiance with shotacons XD), and seems to attract a lot of shotacons without meaning to... DEAL WITH IT! XD

Face Claim:
Len Kagamine - Vocaloid2

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Re: Nai Uta - the shy little neko - finished

Post by Wrath on Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:57 am



(Pretend that's Cheryl and Char.)

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