Keir Confrontations

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Keir Confrontations

Post by Zelena on Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:25 pm

A prophecy was made seventeen years ago by a Dreamer.

Who foretold that the war would end when one elemental and one human was killed, but both would surely die.

The first being to be killed would predict the fall of their race.

Since the announcement of that prophecy the two powerful races has been at war, secretly.

Now it is the year 2164 where the world is filled with polluted air, the population has grown so that buildings now build upon each other. Flying cars and motorcycles are common. Robots have been developed to provide services to even the most poor. Weapons have become greatly developed in numerous ways.

Nature has become rare but some forests, rivers, and natural wonders still exist. Orexia, known as the city of phenomenon, is within the district of Sion near a the large freshwater Mirror lake (Which use to be the 5 Great Lakes in North America until a great techonic shift in 2102 occured, causing all five lakes to form into one massive one.) and other scarce environments. Although the city continues to grow and expand into the water, becoming one with it; other parts of the city have grown so that the buildings almost reach the heavens. Yet Orexia holds its secrets.

Elementals make their living here; they alone can control fire, water, wind, metal, electricity, light, the shadows, wood, and sound. Some can even break anything or predict the future. Humans have learned of the elementals existence and the prophecy of the Dreamer. As a result they hunt down the Elementals and attempt to complete the prophecy in their favor.

The war between the two is not known by all, in fact most of the world remains clueless. The battles between the Elementals and Agents are thought to be gang related fights, accidents, shootings, and other crimes; so the rest of the population is blinded to the truth. Since both sides are afraid of a world war that would cause great destruction and that would result in the end life on Earth as they know it; thus began the secret wars known as Keir Confrontations.


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