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Site Rules && IC Rules

Post by Kyuuuuuuuuuu on Tue Mar 09, 2010 8:23 pm


oo1// Attitude is everything. You have probably seen that on one of your elementary school's doors, so please keep up a good attitude while online.

oo2// Respect those around you, whether IC or OOC.

oo3// Keep cursing to a minimum. A few times is OK for OOC, but if you keep cursing, then you might be banned until you get over whatever is making you curse for no real reason.

oo4// What staff says is 'law' on this site. It's not like the laws you follow in the offline world, but please just follow what a staff member says.

oo5// No porn, credit card fraud, or anything like that. I really don't know why I have to say credit card fraud, for you won't be buying anything. Just don't do anything illegal.

oo6// Ranting for no reason is just plain immature.

oo7// No racism, sexism, ageism, ext. This will get you banned.

oo7// Do NOT give any personal information to ANYONE. You never know if someone is a secret stalker...

oo9// Do NOT, and I mean DO NOT give anyone your password.


oo1// You can only have face claims from Anime, Mangas, or video games. Those video games would most-likely be made from other anime, or it can be from Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy. I don't know all of the video games that would qualify, but you guys should. We will not have a face claim thread, but you will be asked to change the character's appearance and picture if you are trying to use one that is already being used.

oo2// For now, you can only have one Alchemist.

oo3// The max ammount of characters you can have is, well... We don't have a character limit; however, I'd start out with a max of however many you can juggle and keep active.

oo4// You can have pets, but I'm only allowing one pet per character.


oo1// We don't have the dreaded word count, yet. I want people to be litterate; however, we will get a word count if I keep seeing one-liners!

oo2// We will allow mild swearing.

oo3// Since this is an anime role play, I want people to use the Japanese Honorifics. This includs -san, -chan, -sempai/senpai, -sensai, -onii-chan, -onee-chan, ext. ext. ext. Why do I want these? Well, let's just try thinking that this is the anime while in the Japanese Version.

oo4// No god-modding, power-playing, or auto-hitting.


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