A Hunting Ground (OPEN)

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A Hunting Ground (OPEN)

Post by Wrath on Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:22 pm

Zachary huffed, fiddling with a pen on his desk. He laid his head down, staring over his paperwork at a few State Alchemists just returning from active duty. Or whatever they called it. He narrowed his red eyes at them just slightly, so as not to alarm them. The secretary had been getting bored as of late, as well as frustrated with his search. He needed to vent. Those new State Alchemists might be fun to play with. But eventually, like everyone else... They'd snap.

His black-painted nails dug slightly into his desk, and he picked out the voices he knew. "I can't believe how harsh that last mission was," one voice whined. Another chuckled. "Come on, Griff. It wasn't that bad. All we had to do was unseal some old tomes." 'Zachary' grit his teeth as another cut in, "That Colonel Mustang went easy on you guys. I had to go to Briggs; I nearly froze to death!" Such. Complaining. Why couldn't they just shut up and work? He had to deal with that annoying Colonel and his favorite pet, Cheryl, more than they did. The two infuriated him to no end, but he put on a calm act of reason and patience. Just for them.

He'd pick a nice time to lure one in... That whiny one would do perfectly. He turned, sipping his cup of tea almost daintily and smiling slightly.


(Pretend that's Cheryl and Char.)

Cheryl: .////.
Me: Admit it. You like Colonel Char Mustang.
Wrath:Yeah. Everyone can tell.
Cheryl: *Silence*
Greed:No fair! He's mortal and still gets more chicks than I do. And she's fifteen. Nice, man.
Me:You're not my character, Greedling. How'd you get here?
Greed:I got my ways...

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