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Name: Akumaru Nomi

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Ehhh.... Straight

Rank: Human, Rogue State Alchemist


Akumaru, in a sense, is emotionless. At least on the outside. He can keep a straight face through anything, and can fake emotions very well. He can impersonate someone if he wishes, because he considers himself an impressive actor. He often uses this skill to lure in his prey.
He has a strong hatred for the Ame branch of the Elric family for unknown reasons, as well as very strong sadistic tendencies. He enjoys torturing his victims.... Feeding them just enough so they didn't die. Keeping them alive even as they begged for death...
He has no calm, gentle, caring side whatsoever, unless it's one of his many facades. Beware of unfamiliar people. You never know where he is...

Aku grew up surprisingly normal. He was never beaten or abused, and never had any issues with his family. His father's name was Adell Ame. Yeah, Ame. Raimaru and Toramaru are his half-brothers-strange right? At the age of seven he violently slaughtered his mother, younger brother, and pregnant older sister and hid the remains using a poor version of alchemy he'd learned from a text book. This was his first charade.

He pretended to be a small, abandoned orphan boy, changing his name to Benjamin Mean and appearing on the doorstep to the orphanage with dirty clothes and nothing but a few belongings. These included his little brother's favored teddy bear; Akumaru is very thorough with props. After being accepted, he spent eight years there, practicing alchemy in the basement. He'd found Russel and Fletcher Tringham's studies on botanical alchemy and had been studying those. Then, the night of his fifteenth birthday, the orphanage mysteriously burned to the ground. Akumaru, or Benjamin, was the only child unscathed. The next day he applied to be a state alchemist and got in through... Persuasion. His proctor came in with barely healed wounds to give him the results and his name.

Frozen Thorn Alchemist.

Still under the alias of Benjamin, Akumaru went about the business of searching out his father, intent on finishing what he started with his own family. Finding out the man had died of illness years earlier, Aku went into a rage. Six people fell victim to his torturous wrath before he discovered the existence of Adell's sons. His half-brothers.

This started the search for them. The unrelenting search.

However, he slipped up. On complete accident, he unsealed the tomb with his family's remains; the military found them and attempted to arrest him. They succeeded and sentenced him to death. But then then when the prison guard was receiving him, he managed to knock him out (Kill him) and took his clothes, seeming to transform into him. He walked out of the prison unchallenged and smirking.

As of now, he's masquerading as a secretary in Central. He only took the job so he could gather information on the whereabouts of his brothers. When he gets into a rage, people disappear and he comes in to work late. Simple as that.

Other: ...Nah. Crappy bio is crappy.

Face Claim: NONE


(Pretend that's Cheryl and Char.)

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Me: Admit it. You like Colonel Char Mustang.
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