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VOLKOV, kuro

Post by Kyuuuuuuuuuu on Sat Jul 02, 2011 11:07 pm

    Name: Kuro Volkov

    Age: Eighteen

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Homosexual [like all my guys, even if Char is bisexual]

    Rank: Human - Military - General [he has good connections]


    Personality: Rainbows and butterflies? Pfft. Far from it, buddy. Kuro isn't your average eighteen year old. No, he's seen a lot more blood, death, and torture than your average young adult. His normal expression is rather cold and emotionless, yet his eyes hold a glimmer of emptiness. He may not come off as the most 'caring' person in the world, but that's just to strangers. Heck, with those he barely knows or hates, he couldn't give a rat's a-- about them. Pardon the French. Kuro is one who would rather be at a bar than working to save lives.

    You might be wondering--A bar? But he's only eighteen! Yes, but with power comes easy access! They let General Kuro in without a moment's hesitation. He normally only gets himself wasted after missions where there was a lot of killing done by himself or by his comrades. He may look cold and scary, but he actually has a large knot of guilt in his heart from all the innocent lives he's taken.

    For that special someone, they will actually see a different side of him--whether he is sober or drunk. While drunk, all his emotions spill out in one large heep--the anger, sadness, regret, guilt... Everything. While sober and with that one person he holds dear (er, when no one else is around), he is actually kind and caring, and he actually shows it! True emotions focused toward that one person. Of course, get him mad and his 'Sadistic Seme' side might just kick in. I hope Chains and Whips excite you~!

    Oh, and he can speak both Japanese and Russian. He uses Japanese honorifics, but he tends to use actual Russian words in sentences. You kind of have to get use to it. He is also skilled in all forms of weapons--guns, swords, spears, you name it.

    History: Kuro was born into a very wealthy military family in North City. From the moment he was able to walk, his father started training him. He wanted him to be in the military just like himself, and he got his wish. At the age of nine Kuro started working for the military. Well, he actually started out just running around, passing out mail. When he turned eleven, he was actually enlisted in the military. Since then, all he has ever saw was blood, gore, and death. This--along with his father's training--forced him to grow up quicker than most.

    He adapted easily, putting on his cold front to all who met him and even those who were just walking by. He never let it drop, not even when his mother died on his thirteenth birthday. He easily began climbing the ranks, using his father as the one to coax the Fuhrer into promoting him. His father was very influencial, and Kuro himself was very efficient in his work, always getting it done quickly and pretty much perfectly. At the age of fifteen, while he father was out and he came home from a two week mission, he broke into his father's wine cellar.

    That night, he downed only a single bottle, but he found the alcahol to actually help him when he was feeling down. From then on, whenever he got home from large missions and his father was gone, he would get himself wasted. At the age of seventeen, the unthinkable happened--he was promoted to General. The last General had died in battle, and the best canidate to replace him was none other than Kuro himself. With the new rank, he started forcing his way into bars. They easily welcomed him, but mainly because they didn't want to upset him.

    Now, at eighteen, he has taken interest in the little... Project that the fuhrer has tried so hard to keep hidden.

    Other: He brings sexy back. >3

    Face Claim: Naruto -- Uchiha Sasuke <3


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Re: VOLKOV, kuro

Post by Wrath on Sun Jul 03, 2011 7:51 am

Totally accepted. <3


(Pretend that's Cheryl and Char.)

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