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AKIMOTO, kumiko

Post by Kyuuuuuuuuuu on Wed Sep 01, 2010 4:30 pm

My name is Akimoto (true autumn) Kumiko (eternal beautiful child). Close, close friends call me Kumi-chan and sometimes Miko-chan.

From my birthday until now, I guess I would be sixteen years of age. Of course, there is always the countless numbers of months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and miliseconds, but that's too much to remember.

Biologically speaking, I am a girl.

Why ask this? It's quite obvious that I'm heterosexual.

OK, so, I am an Alchemist; however, I despise the military so I never joined it.


Well, this is me. I am an albino, so I'm normally called a monster by most, expessially my mother. I stand at five feet even, which is pretty normal for a Japanese girl. I normally wear blue-with-white clothing that vary from whatever images my roleplayer can find for me to wear.

Let's see... To start, I might as well say that I am a Progressive Mute. What is that? Well, er... I'm horrible at explaining things, so just Google It. Anyways, so, apparently, it's best to state what I like, correct? Hm~. I guess I could say that I love cake. Who wouldn't? I also like to have a good book around, seeing how a good conversation is out of the picture. I find it quite calming if the book I have is something that I can easily get into. Oh, right, other things that I like. Gar, I can't think of anything at the moment... Oh, right! One of my favorite likes would have to be animals. Animals seem to love me, and I love them back. You could say that I'm an animal person. Also, I seem to have some sort of aura or whatever that animals like, so just having me around normally makes a wild beast act like a puppy. I might as well start talking about my dislikes and hates. One thing that really ticks me off is whenever someone just tries to push my buttons. Normally, they try to make me talk. At that time, I either walk off, try to ignore them, or, when my tollerance just dies on me, I'll whack them with my book or something that I randomly made with Alchemy. Another thing that I absolutely hate is rich snobs. Why? The name says it all: they're rich and snobby. They always look down on me, even if I'm an albino commoner, as if I'm a peice of trash. Seriously? I've had enough of that from my parents. Gosh. Hmm... There are many more things that I hate, though it'd be too long and boring to talk about them all. Well, now that you know about what I hate and love, how about I tell you more about my main persionality? Most cannot actually see me as having one since I cannot speak; however, my eyes can easily tell you what mood I'm in. I'm quite shy, only because I've never actually wanted to be around people. Most scowl at me and such, so it's made me almost... Fear them... Oh well. Whenever I do get comfortable around someone, I am actually quite cheerful. I can be a bit childish at times, though that side of me is rarely, and I mean RARELY seen. I have a high tollerance, though some easily make it break. When that happens, I will normally kill. Even if I feel a bit guilty and such, I also feel relieved that one annoyance in my life is gone.

Truthfully, I bet that none of you give a damn about my life. And, truthfully, I don't want any of you to know about it. Sadly, because of my idiotic roleplayer, I have to tell you about it. Jeez, we all know that I was born on a month, day, and year. Well, who cares about the year? I was born on February 29th. Yes, folks, I was born on a leap year. I had to celebrate my birthday on the 28the each year until a leap year came around. For the first few weeks of my life, it was pretty normal. My mother stayed home from work because of the special vacation-like thing that they give new mothers. Father went to work each day, saving up money for my future. However, you could say that my life instantly turned upside-down when I was able to open my eyes. When my mother first saw my blood-red eyes, she flipped out. It took my father's strength (thankfully he returned home from work right as I opened my eyes) to keep her from killing me. You see, my mother wasn't the... Sanest people around... She had an illness that made her flip out over the slightest things, and it even made her at like a drunken Mad Hatter/Crazy Rabbit Thing. Yeah... It wasn't safe around her at those times. My mother never liked those who were different, so she started to shun me, expessially when my hair finally started to grow. Being albino meant that I was different, appearance-wise. Mother didn't like that. She didn't like me. She freaked out every time she saw me. I hid in a random closet every time I saw her. That's how my life was for about five years. Yeah, try living with that. My father and I shared a strong bond together. He was always there to protect me, and he always tried to comfort me when needed. When I turned five, I was already a Selective Mute. My father seemed to be the only one I could talk to. There was also a girl in my class. Well, I thought I could talk to her until I heard her and a group of girls gossiping abou me at school. Pfft, screw her. I kicked her to the side and stopped trying to make friends. And, that was only in kindergarten! What has the world come to? Oh, wait... Off topic... Age five, right? Well, when I was five, my mother went uber psycho on us while eating dinner one night. She killed my father (what a bloody mess that was) and tried to kill me. Thankfully, being as small as a was then, I escaped easily. My father's death kicks Selective Mutism to the side and allowed the final stage, Progressive Mutism, to come in. Eh, I'm just going to timeskip right now. It's pretty boring if I have to talk about "Oh, I lived on the streets and somehow still attended school and blah blah blah." When I was ten, I started taking an interest in Alchemy. I would glue myself to the library each day, just reading over the topic. I soon started experimenting with it, and I was able to master alchemy, for the most part, by the time I was twelve. OK, I'm getting bored with this. You get the general idea.

Another pointless character of mine. 8D Her mother is a random NPC now. 8DD

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Re: AKIMOTO, kumiko

Post by Wrath on Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:00 pm



(Pretend that's Cheryl and Char.)

Cheryl: .////.
Me: Admit it. You like Colonel Char Mustang.
Wrath:Yeah. Everyone can tell.
Cheryl: *Silence*
Greed:No fair! He's mortal and still gets more chicks than I do. And she's fifteen. Nice, man.
Me:You're not my character, Greedling. How'd you get here?
Greed:I got my ways...

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