Wrath the Violent Homunculus

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Wrath the Violent Homunculus

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Age:It's been about 15-16 years since he was reborn.



Personality:Wrath, being named for one of the more violent sins, is angered easily and has a notoriously short temper. He can be very energetic due to his still being a child when he was resurrected, though in his past life made very mature decisions and that trait has come back with him to this life. Despite his violent and hateful nature, Wrath can be compassionate to those he cares for, which was the cause of his other 'death'. He doesn't really care for the other Homunculi much, and remains neutral in their meetings, making neither friendly nor hostile advances on them. Though you should probably never get in an argument with him, as he tends to lose his cool and attack without warning. He has a voracious appetite for battle, and does not generally enjoy having to consume philosopher's stones for his powers.

In the anime, Wrath is Izumi's son, who died before or a little after he was born. She tried to resurrect him and failed. Wrath spent much time in the Gate, waiting and wanting to go out. The Gate opened while the Elric Brothers were trying to resurrect their mother. It was then when Wrath gained Edward's arm and leg.

Long after, he says, he opened the Gate himself and then lived on Yock Island, the same island where the Elric Brothers spent one month. Following a quick battle with Izumi and the Elrics, he is forgiven by the former and allowed to stay with the Curtis family. But after being captured by the military and found by Envy, who feeds him his first Red Stones, Wrath joined the other Homunculi. As time went on, he began to think of Sloth as his mother.

When Sloth was being repeatedly slashed by Lust as a distraction so Ed could get his mother's body bone, Wrath appeared and took it before Ed, fusing it with himself. Then, Wrath went back inside and stopped Lust from attacking 'mommy'. Sloth tried to run away, but Ed followed her. Wrath was about to follow them, but Lust stopped him. They fought until Wrath found the locket with the hair of the person Lust looked like, and killed her.

After that, he went to save Sloth, and fused himself with her, to "be closer to her". However, because he still had Trisha's (Ed's mother) bone fused with him, being so close to Sloth paralyzed her. Ed took that chance, and used alchemy to make Sloth evaporate.

Later, Izumi appeared and tried to convince Wrath to come with her. Wrath, insisting that Sloth was his real mother, didn't believe Izumi and ran off. He didn't appear again until he, Dante, and Envy were inside the underground city. He ran to Dante and Envy, clinging to Envy while begging "Please!! Please bring Mommy back!!". Envy kicked him off and Dante opened the Gate with Rose's baby, black tentacles taking Wrath's right arm and left leg, originally being Ed's arm and leg.

Afterwards, he was left on the floor, until Ed was brought back to life after being killed by Envy. Ed asked Rose to take Wrath with her above ground. In the last episode, he was seen in the Rockbell resident, with an automail arm and leg and was living with Winry and Pinako, until he decided to leave.

Later on, he appeared in Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa. There, he was seen in the forest, disheveled and possibly grieving over Izumi's death. Winry found him and took him back to the Rockbell's house to be fed and to get maintenance on his automail. Then, when Alphonse came back after finding out that his brother was alive, Wrath anticipated what his intentions were. He led Alphonse to the Underground City, where they were attacked by a transformed Gluttony.

Wrath and Gluttony battled, until Wrath made it to the Transmutation Circle Al had drawn that would open the Gate, where he intentionally let himself be bitten by Gluttony. Then, he told Alphonse that he knew he was planning to sacrifice himself to bring his brother back, claiming that he never wanted to see anything like that ever again. Alphonse tried to argue, but Wrath told him that he wanted to go to his real home, where "mommy" was. Alphonse went through with the transmutation, and a naked Wrath was seen on one side of the Gate, and on the other side was a naked Izumi. He was last seen, walking to her, and getting hugged by her, before the gate closed. He and Gluttony die at the same time and are the fifth and sixth Homunculus to die.

Other:He is the only known Homunculi to be able to use alchemy.

Face Claim:Wrath from FullMetal Alchemist; The first anime and the movie.

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