I'm the only one who's posted here! GRAH!

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I'm the only one who's posted here! GRAH!

Post by Wrath on Tue Apr 13, 2010 2:00 pm

Yeah, I know. This stinks majorly. >> But I might not be able to get on for a few days. Continue to RP regularly and I'll see ya soon. *Waves*


(Pretend that's Cheryl and Char.)

Cheryl: .////.
Me: Admit it. You like Colonel Char Mustang.
Wrath:Yeah. Everyone can tell.
Cheryl: *Silence*
Greed:No fair! He's mortal and still gets more chicks than I do. And she's fifteen. Nice, man.
Me:You're not my character, Greedling. How'd you get here?
Greed:I got my ways...

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