Naruto: Sosei

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Naruto: Sosei

Post by Itachi on Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:33 pm

"It's finally over..."

Standing over the broken form of Uchiha Madara, Naruto and Sasuke watch as the world seems to come back to order.

Twenty years has passed since the destruction of Akatsuki and Konohagakure. The village was quickly revived from ruins, brought back by the hard work of the villagers and shinobi. Tsunade passed on her title of Hokage to the village's savior, Uzumaki Naruto. At long last, his lifelong dream had been fulfilled. He was finally the Kage of Konoha, just as his father before him had been. The legacy of Uzumaki continues strong.

Konoha, the rookie nine all grown up, have paired off, and have had their own families, the next generation of shinobi. Everything seems to be alright, not a care in the world as they watch their children begin their footsteps into the life their parents once chose. Even the dusty remains of the Uchiha District has turned into a happy little family destined to continue the bloodline from which they spawn.

It seems as though peace has finally overtaken the lands... but peace never lasts long, not in a world where shinobi exist. After all, peace threatens the existence of the shinobi way.

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