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Night fell on the small slum of Kanama, the moon a large silver disc in the sky. Crows cawed angrily as their vision deteriorated in the dark and they returned to their nests. "Oy." A voice was heard, cutting through the silence of the night. "Yo Greed! Lemme out for a sec, would'ya?" "Not a chance, Ling."

A rather tall teenager stood in the middle of the slum, yawning boredly as his minions worked around him. "Aww c'mon! I'm starved!"the voice inside his head complained. "You should be dead right now."he replied, his squinty-eyed gaze locking onto the fire. "Hey! This is my body! You better give me some rent or I'm kicking you out!" His internal voice was getting angrier. "You're really annoying, you know that?"

Inside, it looked like a small replica of himself sitting in front of a wall of fire with eyes and a mouth. "Deal with it!"

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