Garret Micheal

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Garret Micheal

Post by False Heart Alchemist on Wed Mar 17, 2010 4:36 am

Name: The False Heart Alchemist, Garret Micheal.

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Rank: State Alchemist

Appearance: Athletically built, 5'6 and fit with maybe a little extra fat around his abs but absolutely not chubby, just slightly above average. His outfit consists of a waist length black coat with four front pockets, two at the chest and two on each side. Faux leather chevron detail at sleeves. He wears it unzipped. Under that he wears a light blue button-up with the two top buttons undone and a black T-shirt. He wears a pair of straight-leg navy-blue jeans. On his feet he wears black dress shoes and medium length white socks. He styles his medium length brown hair feathered back. He as a number three tattooed to his left palm and a number nine tattooed on his right palm. On his back is a tattoo of a large number eleven.

Personality: Garret is an odd one, he often talks to himself and is very imaginative when it comes to finding solutions. For the most part he is very down to earth keeping a cool distant attitude. He'll try to avoid unnecessary combat and tries to talk his enemy into standing down before engaging in battle. He is quite fond of games usually using them to solve disputes between people. Garret is always ready to step up defend those in need. He isn't, however, above the occasional lying, cheating, and stealing. He is curious and enjoys solving all kinds of problems. He loves to take things apart and fixing things. He is not afraid to go where no man has gone before and risk his life to know what no man has known. He sees life as accidental and that nothing truly matters one way or another but he does respect that it does matter to the individual. Garret believes that the law of Equivalent Exchange can be ignored through shear willpower if one understands that originally there was only nothing and that everything is essentially created from the same source. His goal is to reteach what was "programed" in his mind so he may utilize Alchemy to its fullest.

History: Garret grew up in West city with his parents and sister. His father was State Alchemist during the Ishvalian civil war but was paralyzed from the waist down and had to retire. Garret's father taught him of alchemy with hopes that one day his son would take his place in the military. Although his family life was pleasant enough Garret always had trouble expressing himself and at times seem to be emotionally distant. To keep his family from worrying about him he learned to fake the emotion which eventually served him in his military career as a infiltrator. He was perfect for pretending to share the same passions and dreams of the rebels and gain their trust only to exploit them for the benefit of the military.

Other: Pet Breed: Red Mackerel tabby cat, with the classic "M" on forehead, and striped pattern.

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False Heart Alchemist

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Re: Garret Micheal

Post by Kyuuuuuuuuuu on Wed Mar 17, 2010 6:03 am

That's not really an anime face claim, but oh well.


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