A World More Diverse

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A World More Diverse

Post by Triple K on Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:52 pm

World More Diverse

A World More Diverse Than At First Glance

A World More Diverse is an X-Men role play game that isn't centered around one fan world, but a combination of the comics, TV shows and movies, depending on how the member wants to play their character. Characters aren't restricted to just canon characters, either, but original characters are welcomed as well. The editing staff wants everyone ages thirteen and up to be able to role play on this board, so even though our application is a little lengthy, your character will not be judged too harshly, and will always be accepted into the game.
There isn't a significant board-wide plot line in AWMD that dictates the direction in which the game is played. Instead, members get to vote on a plot, or they can run their own mini plots, allowing a lot of freedom in the game. WMD isn't just what the administrators and staff team want, but everyone's voices are heard, and in most cases tended to. Don't be afraid, because the staff really is a friendly group, and we want to get to know our members!


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